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“Connecting your dreams with the right real estate” is more than her marketing statement; it perfectly describes what Waynette Hoover Araj does for her clients.

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Born and raised in Asheboro, North Carolina, Waynette Araj has enjoyed the benefits of living in this area for most of her life and she raised her family here. She is active in the community and familiar with the area. Waynette is also resourceful, investing her time in thorough market research so she knows home values, available properties, neighborhoods and the pulse of real estate sales throughout the area. Her in-depth knowledge of communities and neighborhoods informs the recommendations she shares with clients. And her connections to professional resources – from lenders and attorneys to repair, painting, landscaping and moving specialists, help clients with important details. 

Waynette’s most important role however, is that of a listener. She listens with her head and her heart as clients share their dreams and goals, so her recommendations are tailored for the people she’s representing.

Waynette has been helping buyers and sellers in this area for years. She knows the areas. She knows the neighborhoods. She knows the market values. 

Putting your house on the market is a big decision and you want to make an informed one. No one is better equipped and experienced than Waynette when it comes to pricing your home to sell. She not only will get buyers to your door, she will get you the highest and best offers possible in the current market. Nothing is every guaranteed but you can rest assured Waynette's got your back when it comes to your real estate transaction in Randolph county including Asheboro and the surrounding towns. 

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home or investment property, contact Waynette and experience an incredible client relationship that delivers results.

Benefits of working with Waynette: 

  • Your best interests will consistently be represented.
  • You will receive a prompt response to a phone call, email or text. 
  • Your hopes, priorities, time, resources and trust will be honored. 
  • You will understand the home buying and selling process because she educates her clients. 
  • Questions and concerns are addressed thoroughly. 
  • Important details will be handled for you. 
  • You will have the information that you need to make informed decisions based on facts, not emotions. 
  • If obstacles get in the way, Waynette will help you navigate through it. 
  • Waynette's negotiating skills assure you that she is on your side. 


Be the FIRST to Know What is Going on in YOUR Neighborhood! 

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About Waynette Hoover Araj