Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders

Asheboro NC Home Staging: Organization Works Wonders.

Staging your Asheboro NC home for showings will always be a time-eater. The word itself is indicative: “staging” means transforming your busy household into a theatrical set. In addition to thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny, it usually means spending on paint and a variety of minor supplies to tweak the production. Then comes the actual visits by potential home buyers, sometimes interrupting your schedule (sometimes with very little notice).

Staged kitchen in Asheboro NC Home | Waynette Araj, Asheboro Realtor

If you have kids, keeping the staging in pristine condition must clear an extra hurdle. When the kids spill food on the floor (or leave toys underfoot for potential home buyers to trip over), selling your home can turn into a hand-wringing ordeal. It needn’t be. Here are a few sanity-preserving pointers:

Designate one room for the kids

While it may be impossible to totally prevent kids from being messy, we can keep the youthful chaos quarantined to one room. Designate the place in the house that will be the “kid’s area” so that the cleanup in advance of a showing becomes more manageable.

Keep the show towels separate from the real towels

A successful Asheboro staging routine pays special attention to focal points in the kitchen and bathrooms. Both should come as close as possible to a model home’s—which makes it crucial to keep a separate set of unused towels and floor mats to switch in whenever the home is going to be viewed. (There should be no secrets within a family, except maybe for this one: make sure the kids don’t know where you hide the show towels!)

Clear the “stage”

There are many items we keep handy that aren’t essential for day-to-day living. Whether it is unnecessary pieces of furniture or extra boxes full of toys for the children, these things combine to contribute to a sense of cluttered spaces. Stashing as much clutter as possible in a temporary storage unit will make your staging cleanup jobs much easier. It will also contribute to the clean uncluttered appearance home buyers find appealing.

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Waynette Araj

“Connecting your dreams with the right real estate” is more than her marketing statement; it perfectly describes what Waynette Hoover Araj does for her clients. Born and raised in Asheboro, North Carolina, Waynette Araj has enjoyed the benefits of living in this area for most of her life and she raised her family here. She is active in the community and familiar with the area. Waynette is also resourceful, investing her time in thorough market research so she knows home values, available properties, neighborhoods and the pulse of real estate sales throughout the area. Her in-depth knowledge of communities and neighborhoods informs the recommendations she shares with clients. And her connections to professional resources – from lenders and attorneys to repair, painting, landscaping and moving specialists, help clients with important details. Waynette’s most important role however, is that of a listener. She listens with her head and her heart as clients share their dreams and goals, so her recommendations are tailored for the people she’s representing. What does it feel like to be Waynette’s client? 1.) Your best interests will consistently be represented. 2.) You will always receive a prompt response to a phone call or email. 3.) Your hopes, priorities, time, resources and trust will be honored. 4.) You will understand the process because she is invested in educating her clients. 5.) Questions and concerns will be addressed swiftly and thoroughly. 6.) Important details will be managed for you. 7.) You will have the information needed to help you make decisions based on facts, rather than emotions. 8.) If obstacles crop up, you will have a resourceful navigator at your side. 9.) Her negotiating expertise will help you receive a good value.

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