New Construction in Randolph County NC Is Appealing to Home Buyers

New Construction in Randolph County NC is Appealing to Home Buyers

For most of us, the appeal of new construction—a brand new home which your family is first to own—is undeniable. The idea of being able to select your own floor plan with a layout you like and upgrades built to order is hard to beat.

But home shoppers looking for new construction in Randolph County NC Homes for Sale should be particular. If their future home is to meet expectations, some sophisticated questions should be asked and answered before any agreements are reached.

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Home models are usually decked out with the best and most expensive furnishings and finishes, unlike more modest packages, where the unadorned dwelling is delivered without any fancy stuff. When you are viewing a home in a Randolph County NC, new construction development, be sure to ask how much that specific model costs—as-is. You can bet that the figure will be substantially higher than the most widely-advertised low-end price…and when you question what features create the price differences, you’ll readily determine if those are features you consider indispensable. A little arithmetic, and you’ll know how much your home will run.

Some developers have better reputations than others, and you’ll want to work with the very best. Ask for references, of course, and do your own online investigation. Look at the previous new construction projects the developer has worked on and check whether they’ve had numerous complaints filed against them. Don’t necessarily trust every grumpy comment; but you can tell from the general level of satisfaction what you’re likely to experience.

Randolph County NC Homes For Sale new construction proceeds as a complex process—one where it pays to monitor progress to confirm that you’re getting exactly what you want (with no changes or alterations accidentally slipping through). Before signing on the dotted line, be sure you understand exactly what the construction process entails, and when and how often you’ll be able to enter the site to monitor progress.

Asking the right questions and monitoring finishing work is key in preventing unwanted surprises when it comes to new construction. If you’re interested in learning more about new homes and developments in Randolph County NC, I’m just a phone call away, Waynette Araj 336-953-6526!

Waynette Araj

“Connecting your dreams with the right real estate” is more than her marketing statement; it perfectly describes what Waynette Hoover Araj does for her clients. Born and raised in Asheboro, North Carolina, Waynette Araj has enjoyed the benefits of living in this area for most of her life and she raised her family here. She is active in the community and familiar with the area. Waynette is also resourceful, investing her time in thorough market research so she knows home values, available properties, neighborhoods and the pulse of real estate sales throughout the area. Her in-depth knowledge of communities and neighborhoods informs the recommendations she shares with clients. And her connections to professional resources – from lenders and attorneys to repair, painting, landscaping and moving specialists, help clients with important details. Waynette’s most important role however, is that of a listener. She listens with her head and her heart as clients share their dreams and goals, so her recommendations are tailored for the people she’s representing. What does it feel like to be Waynette’s client? 1.) Your best interests will consistently be represented. 2.) You will always receive a prompt response to a phone call or email. 3.) Your hopes, priorities, time, resources and trust will be honored. 4.) You will understand the process because she is invested in educating her clients. 5.) Questions and concerns will be addressed swiftly and thoroughly. 6.) Important details will be managed for you. 7.) You will have the information needed to help you make decisions based on facts, rather than emotions. 8.) If obstacles crop up, you will have a resourceful navigator at your side. 9.) Her negotiating expertise will help you receive a good value.

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